Upcoming Events
11/26/2017 - Childrens Ministry
11/26/2017 - Worship
11/26/2017 - Hispanic Church
11/29/2017 - Praise Team Practice
11/29/2017 - The Gathering
11/30/2017 - Jesus Girls Bible Study
12/1/2017 - Reserved

Vision Statement

God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and,
by the power of the Holy Spirit,
to grow as a witnessing community of love,
grace, joy and peace;
so that God's healing and hope
flow through us to the world.

Mission Statement

We will endeavor to faithfully give ourselves to prayer,
worship and study of the Bible. 
We acknowledge that we are and have come from God
who invites us to practice love, forgiveness
and hospitality to all humanity. 
We commit ourselves to invite others to faith in Jesus
and to seek God's peace in our homes, work,
neighborhood and the world.